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344 547 foreign nationals overstay visitor visas in 2016
03. Dec. 2017 Politics Web

Zimbabweans are main culprits, followed by Mozambicans and Malawians Minister Dlodlo must immediately resolve dire inefficiencies at Home Affairs In a reply to a DA Parliamentary question, Home Affairs Minister, Ayanda Dlodlo, revealed that at least 344 547 foreign nationals failed to leave South Africa before or on the date their visas were set to expire. The reply also revealed that more than 15 million people entered the country during 2016. Thousands of them are seeking to find refuge in our country. However, without proper checks and controls, the government will not have an accurate picture of how many foreign nationals stay within our borders illegally. If this is the case, the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) will not be able to identify undocumented immigrants, and will ultimately fail to process those individuals who are eligible for a permit. While the DHA have an Inspectorate Unit tasked with tracing persons who remain in the country illegally, the DA is concerned that the Unit might be under-resourced. For years the DA has consistently supported greater investment in immigration services and this Parliamentary reply is exactly what the DA has been warning for a long time. Given the scale and potential ramp in numbers, this reply is an indictment of the DHA’s deeply rooted inefficiencies to carry out its mandate which is to ensure that immigration officers at the border post execute their directive efficiently. The DA is seriously concerned that if this is what happens in a single year, it must mean that over time, millions of people have entered the country illegally. The DA will submit more questions to ascertain the staffing and budget of this unit as an under-resourced unit will not be able to trace 340 000 people each year. Minister Dlodlo must show political will and re-assure the public that she will immediately resolve this unacceptable state of affairs. Text of reply: NATIONAL ASSEMBLY QUESTION FOR WRITTEN REPLY QUESTION NO. 3517 DATE OF PUBLICATION: FRIDAY, 3 NOVEMBER 2017 INTERNAL QUESTION PAPER 41 OF 2017 3517. Mr M Waters (DA) to ask the Minister of Home Affairs: (1) What number of foreign nationals in 2016 (a) entered South Africa on (i) visitor visas and/or (ii) holiday visas, (b) departed on or before the date on which their visas expired and (c) of each nationality (i) did not depart and (ii) applied for asylum; (2) what (a) plans does her department have in place to find the foreign nationals who did not leave the country and (b) what


steps have been taken against the specified persons; (3) what (a) procedures and/or (b) programmes does her department have in place to ensure that visitors depart when their visas expire and (c) is the success rate of the specified procedures and/or programmes in each case? NW3944E REPLY: (1)(a)(i-ii) 15,256,170 (total recorded movements for traveller arrivals in 2016 on visitors and /or holiday visas. (1)(b) 14,988,933 (total recorded movements for traveller departures in 2016 on visitors visas. (1)(c)(i) The top five nationalities who’s movements indicate they have not yet departed the RSA are: 1. Zimbabwe: 210,067 2. Mozambique: 47,909 3. Malawi: 44,818 4. Lesotho: 36,244 5. Nigeria: 5,509 (1)(c)(ii) The total number of asylum applications for 2016 was: 35,377 The top five nationalities that applied for asylum during 2016 are: 1. Zimbabwe: 7,964 2. DRC: 5,293 3. Ethiopia: 4,754 4. Nigeria: 3,276 5. Bangladesh: 2 834 (2)(a) The Inspectorate Unit of the department is tasked with tracing persons who remain the country illegally. They conduct regular inspections of places of employment and other institutions. They also undertake tracing projects to locate persons who have overstayed in the country. (2)(b) Such persons are either charged criminally or deported from South Africa. (3)(a-b) The department does not allow such persons to apply for change of status in the country. Travellers who overstay the number of allocated days are declared undesirable for a period of 12 months or up to a maximum of a 5 year prohibition depending on the number of days overstayed in terms of s30(1)(h) of the Immigration Act. The determination of the sanction is derived from the Enhanced Movement Control System (EMCS). In terms of the prohibition, a traveller cannot under any circumstances re-enter the country unless an appeal for upliftment of the sanction is considered and accepted by the department. (3)(c) For the period 1 April 2016 ` 31 March 2017 a total of 39,894 persons were declared undesirable. Due to the department only collating overstay data from 1 April 2016, it is not possible to provide a year-on-year trend analysis. For the period in question the most common reasons cited for overstaying are based on medical grounds or applicants awaiting temporary residence visa extensions. V.4118

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Zambia suspends passport issuance in capital amid cholera outbreak
09. Jan. 2018 LUSAKA
  Two passengers arrested at Allama Iqbal airport in Lahore
08. Jan. 2018 Pakistan Today

The Zambian government on Tuesday announced a temporary suspension on issuance of passports and national identity cards in Lusaka, the country`s capital, following an outbreak of cholera. V.4127
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LAHORE: The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Immigration Wing arrested two passengers on charges of fake permits at Allama Iqbal airport on Monday. V.4126
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`Stateless` man struggles for citizenship
23. Dec. 2017 Pretoria News
  Hawks called on to probe Home Affairs social media scam
21. Dec. 2017 AAN7

However, he has no birth certificate to prove it and thus cannot get a South African ID because it is said he is not a South African citizen. Ngubane is therefore stateless and belongs to no country. Home Affairs refuses to issue him with a South African ID because he is unable to provide documented evidence that he was born here. The department also said it was not justified to grant him permanent residence in the country under the circumstances. V.4124
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Home Affairs Minister Ayanda Dlodlo has warned of a criminal syndicate operating on social media networks. This comes after a fake account bearing the name of the minister was created a week ago, as a platform to solicit money through a purported contract deal to the amount of R25 million. “The minister is not involved in any deal of the nature described in this fake correspondence. In addition, the department will also never ask people to pay money through social media for any of its services and anyone who comes across such requests should report these to the authorities,” Dlodlo said. V.4125
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Cape Town refugee centre must be opened by end of March
15. Dec. 2017 Groundup
  Border Management Authority to become operational next year
15. Dec. 2017 Defence Web

Cape Town - On Thursday the Constitutional Court rejected an application by the Department of Home Affairs for leave to appeal, in a matter relating to the Cape Town Refugee Reception Office. The Department was appealing a decision by Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA). The SCA ruled in September that Home Affairs must `reopen and maintain a fully functional refugee reception V.4122
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According to the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) Cabinet is expected to approve the long-awaited establishment of the Border Management Authority (BMA) early next year. SAnews, reporting on this week’s DHA briefing for festive season plans at South Africa’s authorised ports of entry, names the new entity as the Border Management Agency. This was the name given when it was first mooted but was subsequently changed to “authority” so as to give it more standing. V.4123
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Family caught up in home affairs nightmare
11. Dec. 2017 Times Live
  Dlodlo to appeal over Oppenheimers’ private international terminal
11. Dec. 2017 Business Live

When Florette and Nsongoni Mulowayi renounced their Democratic Republic of Congo citizenship, it was with the promise of a new life in a country they `want to serve`. Their eldest son had already been granted citizenship, having been born in South Africa in 2011, and they thought awarding the same status to them and their baby would be a formality. V.4120
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Home Affairs Minister Ayanda Dlodlo will approach the Supreme Court of Appeal to challenge the Oppenheimer family’s court victory in October to run a private international terminal at OR Tambo International Airport. On Friday the department lost the second round in a battle that has pitched the Oppenheimers against the Guptas when the High Court in Pretoria dismissed its application for leave to appeal against the October judgment. V.4121
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SA September arrivals increase ` Brazil, France continue to perform
10. Dec. 2017 Tourism Update
  Cape tourism bucks up for grabs
03. Dec. 2017 City Press

A year-on-year comparison between 2016 and 2017 for Q3 shows that the number of overseas tourists increased by 5%. September arrivals increased by 2,1% year-to-date, from 1 273 734 in September 2016 to 1 300 502 in September 2017. A month-to-month comparison indicates a small drop of 0,1%, from August 2017’s figure of 1 302 312. V.4119
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Capetonians, bless them, have been a little smelly recently. The water-deprived residents have been walking about with unwashed hair as they’re restricted to two-minute showers and that’s on a good day and their town doesn’t smell so good either, City Press noted on a trip last week. Despite the water crisis that has seen residents of the country’s oldest city limited to using 81 litres a day each, the Western Cape provincial government is going into overdrive to save its tourism industry, which is also suffering in the drought. V.4115
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#LoveSA: Why you don`t need to spend those precious rands overseas
03. Dec. 2017 City Press
  SA September arrivals increase ` Brazil, France continue to perform
30. Nov. 2017 Tourism Update

Kate Turkington does country style in luxury in Dullstroom; battles a gale in Wakkerstroom, one of the world’s best birding spots; and catches a tiger fish on Jozini Dam - in one week. Mpumalanga may be one of our smallest provinces, but it’s packed with beauty and things to do. And you don’t need lots of time, foreign exchange or finicky visas to travel to some of its amazingly diverse destinations. V.4116
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A year-on-year comparison between 2016 and 2017 for Q3 shows that the number of overseas tourists increased by 5%. September arrivals increased by 2,1% year-to-date, from 1 273 734 in September 2016 to 1 300 502 in September 2017. A month-to-month comparison indicates a small drop of 0,1%, from August 2017’s figure of 1 302 312 V.4117
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Cyber piracy strikes at tourism
23. Nov. 2017 Tourism Update
  Tweets over ID book validity false - Home Affairs
21. Nov. 2017 News 24

Cyber piracy in the tourism industry is fast becoming a major problem, with websites mimicking those of legitimate reserves and lodges. A concerned reader recently alerted Tourism Update to the growing prevalence of cyber piracy within the tourism sector, with companies creating websites that mimic those of reserves and lodges in order to mislead travellers into booking with them instead. V.4113
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Johannesburg ` The Department of Home Affairs has dismissed as false, tweets claiming that the green, barcoded, South African identity book was reaching the end of its lifespan. `No such announcement has been made by the department. We wish to make it clear that the green barcoded ID book remains a legal form of identification and will continue to be until such time that the live capture system is rolled out to all home affairs offices to enable South Africans to apply for the smart ID cards at their nearest offices,` department spokesperson David Hlabane said. V.4112
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SA Chinese arrivals outlook
20. Nov. 2017 Tourism Update
  Rwanda: Visas on arrival for all
20. Nov. 2017 Tourism Update

2016 was a bumper year for Chinese arrivals for various reasons, not the least of which was the very low selling price of some of the bottom-end packages offered. While Chinese arrivals in South Africa saw a dip in the first few months of this year, the industry reports that the market has now stabilised and is forecast for growth. V.4108
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Rwanda is among the countries that have taken a leading role in implementing the AU`s recommendations. From January 1, 2018, all travellers to Rwanda, regardless of nationality, will get a 30-day visa on arrival without prior application. Rwandans with dual nationality are now allowed to use National IDs on entry. V.4109
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FlySafair Durban-Eastern Cape routes to boost tourism
20. Nov. 2017 Tourism Update
  Zuma launches `one stop shop` to facilitate foreign investment
18. Nov. 2017 Times Live

`Any new route coming into an airport stimulates travel, trade and tourism,` says Terence Delomoney, GM of King Shaka International Airport. FlySafair recently launched a Durban-Port Elizabeth route, and a Durban-East London service will launch on November 27. Bookings are open for both routes. V.4111
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President Jacob Zuma on Saturday opened a one stop shop in Durban as part of attempts to simplify doing business in SA. President Jacob Zuma realised one of his presidential prerogatives on Saturday when he launched a one stop shop to encourage more foreign and local investment in KwaZulu-Natal. V.4103
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Evil 8 member David Volmer to be kicked out of Australia after prison release
18. Nov. 2017 Perth Now
  UK and France Home ministers emphasize security and law enforcement cooperation
18. Nov. 2017 Mercopress

FORMER Christian pastor and Evil 8 paedophile ring member David Volmer will be turfed out of the country as soon as he is released from jail in WA. Volmer is one of dozens of WA child sex predators who have had their visas cancelled under the Turnbull Government’s hardline stance on deporting criminals on character grounds. V.4104
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UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd and the Minister of the Interior of France, Gerard Collomb, met in London on Friday and discussed a range of home affairs matters including joint efforts to fight terrorism, illegal migration, border security and efforts to tackle serious and organized crime. V.4105
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Mashaba urges Dlodlo to act on migrant influx
16. Nov. 2017 Times Live
  New refugee documents welcomed
16. Nov. 2017 Cape Argus

Dlodlo and her department have just over a week to detail their plan to deal with illegal immigrants in Joburg or face court action The City of Johannesburg said on Thursday that the Department of Home Affairs’s inaction on illegal immigration had led to “overwhelming prejudice and hardship” for the city. V.4102
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Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Fatima Chohan says machine-readable travel documents are more secure. Picture: Brenton Geach Cape Town - The government has introduced a new way to better manage its refugee and asylum seekers with an improved refugee travel document. The new machine-readable travel document for refugees has been designed and developed using the latest passport production technology and security standards. V.4106
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Just launched: ‘Huge’ initiative to boost Chinese arrivals to SA
16. Nov. 2017 Tourism Update
  South Africans and the UK Visitor Visa
15. Nov. 2017 The South African

“The brand awareness this initiative is creating is massive ` I don’t think South Africa has done anything this big in China before.” To cement trade ties, boost investment flows and encourage tourism between South Africa and China, Standard Bank and the Industrial Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) have launched the I Go South Africa loyalty programme in partnership with South African Tourism. V.4110
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With the very large South African community living in the UK, it is no surprise that we receive many queries on the UK Visitor Visa. Grandparents, parents, friends, and family all want to visit those fortunate enough to live in the UK. There is also a large number of persons wanting to visit the UK to explore business and job opportunities, before making a final decision about moving to the UK. Do South Africans need a UK Visitor Visa to travel to the UK? South African nationals are regarded as visa nationals by the UK Government. All South African citizens thus need to apply for UK Visitor Visas, before traveling to the UK. V.4097
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Home Affairs monitoring borders in wake of Zim political tension
15. Nov. 2017 EWN
  8 things you need to know about the Zimbabwean exemption permit
15. Nov. 2017 Times Live

CAPE TOWN - The Home Affairs Department says it`s on high alert on the country`s northern borders in the wake of political instability in Zimbabwe. Speaking at Parliament on Wednesday, Deputy Minister Fatima Chohan says the government is not anticipating a huge amount of movement of people at this time. The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) in Southern Africa says it`s in constant contact with counterparts in Zimbabwe, who report that the situation is calm. V.4098
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Zimbabweans whose seven-year special dispensation visas will run out in December‚ have been given a reprieve. Many had feared they would have to return to Zimbabwe‚ leaving their jobs and homes behind. However, the South Africa government announced that Zimbabweans on special dispensation visas‚ which were issued in 2010 and expire in December‚ can apply for new visas called Zimbabwe Exemption Permits (ZEP). V.4100
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Ordinary Zimbabweans tell us why they want to emigrate
15. Nov. 2017 Sowetan Live
  Home Affairs introduces new machine-readable travel documents for refugees
15. Nov. 2017 EWN

Emigration from Zimbabwe is soaring as ordinary residents despair at the imploding economy and political instability‚ even before the current political turmoil. A month ago‚ the publication`s Harare correspondent Nhlalo Ndaba filed this report‚ which we republish today to bring perspective to the unfolding situation: Ahead of Zimbabwe’s general elections‚ scheduled to be held around August 2018‚ the economy is imploding and some professionals as well as ordinary Zimbabweans have lost faith in a political solution and are now looking for greener pastures. V.4101
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Home Affairs Deputy Minister Fatima Chohan says that the new documents are more secure and should facilitate safer travel for refugees. The Home Affairs Department has introduced a new machine-readable travel document for refugees. V.4107
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14. Nov. 2017 Swazi Observer
  School Exchanges ` SA Leading Destination?
14. Nov. 2017 SA Good News

Home Affairs Principal Secretary (PS) Anthony Masilela and Acting Chief Immigration Officer Makhosi Simelane should be transferred from the ministry of home affairs. This was said in the House of Assembly when Zombodze Emuva MP Titus Thwala moved that the House adopt the report of the select committee investigating the influx of illegal immigrants, particularly of Asian origin. V.4095
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This week I received a letter from Jackie Verall in the UK who runs school exchange programmes. “I was wondering if I could bore the pants off you with an editorial or a blog about how my little UK company is cutting a swathe through Europe offering high school experiences in South Africa. No, it’s not a plug for my business but just to say how South Africa is booming in Europe and kids are coming a plenty to study and experience the great South African way.” V.4096
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