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If you want to visit the UK for a short period of time you will need a visa, this will be a Type C visa which will be valid for 6 months with multiple entry .

If you want to do regular visits to the UK it is advisable to go for a visa that is valid for a longer period of validity.

You have the option of applying for the 1 year, 2year, 5year and 10 year.

However you cannot stay for more than 180 days in the UK with theirs visitor‘s visa

Processing time is 15 working days however if you urgently need to travel you can apply for the priority which is an additional 100 pounds to the visa fee.

If you are transiting through the UK you will also need a visa.

There are two types of transit visas: Direct Airside Visa which is when you are not leaving the airport but merely changing terminals for your onward flight to your final destination.

For this visa you will have to show your onward flight ticket .

Visitor in Transit is when you can leave the airport and come back to get your onward fight also have to show ticket of onward flight.

SA Migration offers will handle the entire visa application for you from completing the form to submitting documents. This includes completing your online application form, providing you with a tailor-made supporting documents requirement list, reviewing of all documents and forms prior to submission and booking your submission appointment at the application center closest to you. UK application centers are based in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth.

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24. Apr. 2024 Cape Argus

Home Affairs rejects almost 9 000 ‘refugees’ in 12 months

Cape Town - The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) processed 10 643 newcomer asylum applications in five refugee reception centres during the 2022/23 financial year, and rejected 8 948 of them, Minister Aaron Motsoaledi revealed in Parliament. Although lobby groups are pushing against what they deem to be anti-foreigner sentiment from the DHA, a city activist grouping says Motsoaledi’s figures were slightly down from last year. The term “refugees” refers to people who have fled wars or persecution, while “asylum seekers” describes people who claim to be refugees but whose claim has not been reviewed. DA MP Adrian Roos asked Motsoaledi for the number of newcomer asylum applications processed for each refugee reception centre in the previous financial year, and how many were rejected as “unfounded”, “manifestly unfounded”, and those granted. V.4805

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